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J.D. Salinger: 1919-2010

A Tribute

There was Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who showed the world the reality behind the Russian Gulag and in general the experience of political oppression and its significance towards pursuit of liberation and freedom that inspires every nation up to this day. There was Walter Cronkite, who revolutionized journalism by making a difference to the conventional pessimism of broadcasting - his influence and empathetic appeal during Vietnam War and the atrocities around the world showed that journalism can be a powerful tool in changing the how the world sees itself. There was John Updike - whose exquisite writing and sense of social criticism favors everyone's interest towards individual struggle in attaining redemption. And there was J.D. Salinger - whose critical portrayal of the social reality inspires many around the world through his book The Cathcher In the Rye. Their writings portray human nature and the world as a whole; how the society makes and creates us and how we relate to it. J.D. Salinger's reclusive character and his broad reach of societal phenomenon and facts of life makes us understand the inevitability of contradictions in life, but despite of such ironies man finds himself in a path chosen to be the right way. J.D. Salinger is somebody worthy of history's memory.

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