The Letterman Effect: Why Dave’s “disgrace” didn’t hurt him. (Too bad for some, though.)

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OK, for sure you all know and very well aware of the year’s best fallen angels from the Heavenly Hollywood and White House Celeb Circle. Remember  the infamous “Client 9” scandal? You know, the Emperors Club VIP membership of a New York governor? [No, it isn’t another High Mile Club!] Break the name, its New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and the story of the $1000 an hour carnal festivity. Blame it on the overly-controlling government wire tappers/paranoids/privacy breachers but Spitzer didn’t just had enough of the scandal frenzy from the media and public’s curious tittle-tattles on how did her wife feel about his potential infidelity, it cost him his job  - repute. Pity the Spitzer kids and the betrayed wife but darn the news was all over. [Can’t ward off the media, they feed on those stuff.] Obviously the ubiquity of the scandal erupted into loads of anger, shame, boos and humiliations from and to different people involved. What does the famous SIlda-beside-Eliot-announcing-his-expected-resignation speech tell us? Through thick and thin, the wife either stays with her disgraced husband no matter what or she leaves him dead bleeding on the floor with a knife sticking in his back. But one thing is for sure: Spitzer never had the chance to redeem himself (he even hates his current job), nor survive the ever-hungry media ridicule. In the end, Client 9’s $1000 is not worth it in the long run.
Talk about the power of technology to find a missing person in the middle of a love affair in Argentina. Talk about why you can’t just lie about going for a hiking nearby, only to be found out that you actually boarded a plane going somewhere not in the US, making the public curious why would you need a plane to venture the Appalachian Trail and what the heck are you doing in Argentina and making your whereabouts unknown to everyone? It’s secretive, it’s mysterious – certainly then is intriguing. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s unfortunate predicament is but romantic yet scandalous and hurtful. His love affairs with an Argentine woman brought him not only tears but also a series of unfortunate events: resignations, public apologies, more shameful divulges, divorce. His wife’s appearances even exacerbated his already beaten figure, making him the obvious antagonist of the Sanfords. The ultimate question is: What’s up with US governors these days, anyway? The unpopular Rod Blagojevich may have a different story (selling Obama’s seat for dough, allegedly – but no erotic reports, as far as we know) but that douche bags added to the enigmatic Gubernatorial Phenomenon in the US. What these three twits have in common? They fell short of their glory, beaten, they never got up and never had the chance to defend themselves. Sorry, governors, but you lose, for good.
Other infamous affairs captured newspaper headlines, TV shows and TMZ. The Tiger Woods Affair didn’t survive either, proving one thing: even the sports industry isn’t safe under the media’s watchful eyes and sensitive ears . A powerful icon like Woods can still be impaired by too much negative attention towards him.
Perhaps, the year’s best survivor despite several backlashes is David Letterman. Yes, you’re reading this right. The legendary Late Show host had his own story. Dave never kept his in his pants, and sleeping with one of his staffers (even putting her in the audience – maybe as a favour in return) is a very bad, bad move. But did it affect him or the show or CBS? One can only tell that the power of Letterman’s public charisma is potentially effective. Dave’s previous tension with the Alaskan Governor might have forced him to say sorry first but it didn’t stop the comedian to make even harsher jokes about her. Everyone knows his joke was quite overboard but Dave’s audience and the world laughed out of it because...who cares? It’s just a joke, right? But Dave’s controversial love affair was just treated as a minor misbehaviour. Media frenzy was low in scale (or maybe that comedians are more capable to outlast issues and scandals than politicians can, or are they?), nobody turned their backs away from Dave, it didn’t affect his young marriage that much. Of course, the issue went down the drain easily. Dave’s early admission of his guilt even before the unruliest and most ruthless of the controversy-hungry predators get their hands on the comedian was perhaps an element of surprise but not a recipe for disaster to make things worse. Dave nailed it before anybody else makes it bad for him. So maybe the ultimate secret in surviving dire situations of extreme embarrassment is to go ahead of the gossip and be the good guy who might just had a bad decision in making things. Or is it that comedians easily get away with these by just making fun of them? Truly though, politicians and men and women on the serious side of living are always taken seriously, even to the point of their affairs and tick-tack-toes. But comedians who make dough through self-deprecations, satirical impersonations and cracking jokes are always on the safe side – they can just do away with the serious side of clown-ship. It’s short-lived for Dave coz he is a comedian but for people like Sanford, Woods, Spitzer among others, their money and serious popularity wouldn’t just ward off the merciless merchants of the pop world.  

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