Paula’s Out. Simon’s Next: Is Fox making the right choice?ᴥ

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Nobody in his/her right mind would ever contest against American Idol as a successful TV show. Alright, the previous sentence might be an exaggeration. But who knows, AI might surpass any other top TV show franchises ever known to man and couch potatoes. Even much better, FOX’s number one reality show could topple down its competitors’ (NBC, CBS, ABC) top rating franchises. [Read: American Idol is known for its international franchises.] And everyone agrees, American Idol is FOX’s ironclad contender in the battlefront of corporate entertainment.
                But isn’t it that TV stations will do the best they can to prevent losing their top-rating champion shows? Yes, hero worship (of TV franchises and the faces that make them marketable) exists in corporate entertainment, but not by heroism principle but by profit. For example, NBC’s The Tonight Show has been a very lucrative investment, thanks to the momentum of popular appeal started by Johnny Carson and continued up to this day by Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien (see similar story: NBC on Dilemma: Who To Keep, Jay or Conan? ) Resolved, the popularity of  show rests on two things: good story or concept and marketable and potential celebrity faces. And this is the secret that broadcasting company CEOs and executive producers should know about. No, it’s not the secret, it’s the “most basic knowledge” that these money-headed capitalists should have in their books for their shows to appeal to almost all kinds of people. But the recent, unfortunate news of Paula Abdul leaving American Idol has spurred enough public doubts whether AI will still be the same (Kara’s addition to the show wasn’t much of a controversy and at the same time a thumbs down for AI, except the Kara-Bikini Girl face-offs – but it was awesome and broadcast-worthy). To be honest, letting go the people-pleasing, sweet American Idol judge who gives the positive, relieving, heart-warming criticism to AI contestants is a sad thing (but she earned special recognition in the Emmys, in Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number, that is). After all, Paula is Simon’s total opposite, and seeing the two in contending action even makes the show more interesting to watch. And the question follows, who will pamper the contestants wrongfully or deservingly beaten by Simon’s criticism? That is if Simon himself will be even in the Idol for a long time! (You’re right, the previous sentence is a hint that something is imminent.) Spoilers much? Yes, which leads us to the even much more “controversial”, “surprising”, “shocking” news. Yes, yes, you’re right. And the tittle-tattles are right. That Simon Cowell, the one and only Simon is leaving American Idol! What? But mind you, these aren’t just the product of tittle-tattling absurdly miraculous predictions. It turns out, FOX is the main source of the shocking news. And they confirm it. This then leads us to the next question. What force on earth could possibly dismember Simon from the all-powerful seat of AI judge panel? How could FOX have allowed this? Are they on the right mind? What the hell happened? The story is this: Simon is making a new TV reality show in Britain (The X-Factor), and FOX allows him to do so. But how could FOX do this? Are they making the right choice? Put it this way, Paula leaving Idol is less of a regret for the FOX people, but subtracting another one in just less than a year is more than just a regret, it’s a total disastrous decision; an ill-judged choice; a self-destructing idea. Season 9 hasn’t even started yet, but inviting the Grim Reaper to bring the news that Simon won’t be on the 10th season is making the people doubt that Idol will be as genuine and watchable as ever. Most might even say, “Oh, Simon is gone, AI now sucks, I don’t even think it will last.” It’s apocalyptic for most (and for me) to consider AI’s fate, for now. Yes, Paula’s departure was cushioned by new twists and additions to AI (guest judges in auditions, i.e., Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne, Neil Patrick Harris, among others and Ellen DeGeneres on the panel), and those were impressive ideas. But it doesn’t take away the fact that an original part of AI is gone. And how much will the people and die-hard watchers and fans of American Idol willing to make concessions that AI will still be the AI they once loved? I think they won’t tolerate losing another, may it be Simon that most hated and most loved. Yes Randy (and Kara) may still be in the show, but the show might lose its original appeal. Event those two are not that entertaining compared to Simon and Paula. FOX had a bad choice really.
Is there any way to get him (or even Paula) back? It’s up to FOX, at the end. After all, it is them who will be hit hard the most if something goes wrong. But it’s early to tell, though. Ellen on the show is a wickedly awesome idea. Ellen is more of a comic than a music-person though, but certainly one can tell she’s going to make the show quite different, in a positive way. There may be no good judges, but for sure good contestants will save FOX. What to hope for is that Idol will always be the way it is, and will be worthy of much sensation and popular attention. All set for Season 9!Φ

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