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The vast farmlands of the humble Cabbageshire Town stretching from the scenic Lilypod Lake to the lofty hills of The Drunken Bard have been the lovely home of the Baron of Onionrings, Uncle Smith. He himself being a hardworking but lonely farmer, Uncle Smith never got married nor had any children or any relatives in Cabbageshire and in the neighbouring towns of Rosebud and Bullshorn. Little did he know that the countless inhabitants of his farm led by General Nightshade wage war against the watery people of Lilypod in the north.  In preparing for war, General Nightshade conscripted in his vast Veggie Army  thousands of Carrotmen as primary offensive platoon. In Lilypod, Grand Leader Clam-burke placed his army behind the infamous defensive team ever known, the Oyster Sands Army. Despite the ever-growing enmity between the two, a few dissidents from both clans managed to cooperate and form an alliance-stronghold to join the battlefield as the third warring tide. The alliance, with its foremost founders and leaders, Col. Carrot Greatebane and Prime Constable Oyster Clamshark thus later to be known the Carrot and Oyster & Company. The war persisted in total green and watery bloodshed that led to many watery graves and earthy ends....  

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