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A Cheapskate's Soliloquy, Man's Weakness

"Wall, Pound, Spectacle" by Lewis Fields | Columbia & Smith

She was there the whole time, staring at me – that catatonic gaze directed right towards my teary, sleepless eyes, as if she was staring right through my soul, as if I even have one. Her persistence, her nihilistic aura, her ethereal presence seem to have captured my sense of reality, my sense of sanity and my rational view of things happening around me. Time fears her. Time, an unencumbered majesty and a formidable fortress of existence, is challenged by her fiery pomp and chivalry – Father Time bows with shame and disgust. Ego sum Ilium, sed meus gladius et vires gladiorum, aer et aqua debilitamant. I conceded, I have given up .