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I agree with Nick. He was right, that until he formed UK’s new government with the now Prime Minister David Cameron, they were ‘rivals’, but now they are ‘colleagues’. Straight from the words of Cameron himself, the government he formed with the man ‘he barely know’ and ‘haven’t spoken to’ in the last five years is a Liberal Democrat-Conservative administration. A BBC journalist expressed that Cameron’s description of the new government isn’t just semantics. This proves the marriage of two stranger parties is an unprecedented milestone to a new kind of politics.
Watching the two leaders giving conference at the garden of Downing Street that once belonged to the ‘other’ contender in British election race, outrightly impresses that these two are not just products of Britain’s first coalition since Churchill, they are a product of a rising movement and trend of politics bred out of the principles of reform, responsibility, freedom and fairness, as Cameron would put it.
I say it is exciting. Congratulations, Nick and David. 

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