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O’Reilly – The View Syndication

Bill O’Reilly’s visit to The View that went ugly made me realize some aspects of what makes TV so, so great. One, O’Reilly can really be a total jackass. This simple yet powerful realization had been in front of me ever since Family Guy, Jon Stewart, Colbert and the rest of TV’s great thespians and worthy jackanapes (in an award-winning way) became part of what revolutionizes media today. I had so much respect for O’Reilly before, and up to now I really want to buy his book (not Pinheads and Patriots, the Bold Fresh). [i can’t help but writing something about his new book. I haven’t read it yet. But I have a very strong gut feeling on what it is about. Surely, this is again his namby-pamby attacks on his enemies, the liberals and his hates in writing. If you look at the cover, you can say that the Pinhead whom he’s referring to is Obama, and by all means the Patriot is himself. Really? Ego much? I think the term Pinhead is more suited for him.]
The View fiasco (maybe it was more humiliating to Behar and Goldberg than to Bill himself) touched on an issue which might have its connection to previous uproars against the New York mosque stuff. It’s an issue of Islamophobia, one can tell. But O’Reilly defends, it’s far from the “b-word” that joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg tried to label him. O’Reilly, in his show, strongly disdained the word – but a few instances shed some light on this. Should O’Reilly be called a bigot for airing some sentiments which Behar and Goldberg construed as purely anti-Muslim? On his show, O’Reilly might have slipped on this one. A contention of his in one of his shows is that the problems of terrorism among others is a Muslim problem, meaning, Muslims should in the very first place be doing most of the job in taking care of it. He defended he would never generalize the issue that the Muslims , all of them, are causing these. But what came more interesting on this issue is when obviously O’Reilly was leaning on the side of the NPR guy who was fired for making anti-Muslim remarks. And this, now, makes O’Reilly such a jackass. If he wants to wrestle down issues where he appears to be losing, he would weave outlandish issues along with the case at hand.
Talk about the firing of the NPR guy. This guy commented (on O’Reilly’s show) that he always feels unsecure whenever Muslims wearing burqas and what have you board the same plane he is in. What did he mean? Simple. The same old defense of those who want to ban burqas and the like in some countries like France – because these garments can conceal bombs. This is absolutely nothing new an issue. Here in the Philippines for example, insurgent-terrorists wear burqas, in recorded cases there are men, trying to sneak in public places and conceal bombs in God knows where – basic terroristic strategy. Was the NPR guy right? A Muslim thinks so. In one of the Doha Debates, a Muslim arguing for the ban contended that burqas do really enforece such terroristic image, especially to women – hence, making a bad reputation for Islam. But the problem (the same as O’Reilly’s) with the NPR guy is how he wants to be understood. His remarks would invoke the same element of generalization. One can say that we he said is that whenever you see Muslims wearing these garments, boarding the same flight as you are, expect to be u comfortable with it. Is this bigotry? Were Behar and Goldberg right? Maybe. But let’s see how O’Reilly dealt with this.
The defense is simple (in relation to the firing of the NPR guy): freedom of expression.
This is very common over the news. Some months ago, a CNN newscaster was fired for making remarks against Jon Stewart. Some defended the guy, even Stewart himself. To be truthful, CNN was wrong on this one. O’Reilly on the other hand seemed furious over the firing of the NPR guy. Same defense: freedom of expression. But here’s the twist – he’s making it appear to be a political propaganda. Our dear old Bill drags for example billionaire investor George Soros (he labels far-left) to the issue of the firing. Sounds familiar? He’s making it a blame game – this is all the Liberals’ doing. Period. Is he a jackass? Definitely. But the syndication never ends. O’Reilly never got over The View walk-outs. In several instances, O’Reilly tried to demonize The View hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg in whatever way he wanted it. But to give credit, the game wasn’t played well. Even Behar and Goldberg seemed a little bit unfair. They never gave O’Reilly the chance to defend himself on the show, making it appear as if O’Reilly was the bad guy. Not fair. Even labelling someone ‘bigot’ might be very risky and hasty. Both hosts were hasty. So was O’Reilly. So maybe the score goes to Walters. Rock on! Syndication never let us down!

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