Talking Points: The Power of Fake News(-casters)

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Nowadays, we can rarely see and even experience the same kind of journalism that Cronkite and the many masterfully made into what people consider a respectable, noteworthy brand of media. Surely so, we have Larry King who matter greatly in the craft. The people who sat with King for years were construed as not only the people who significantly matter for the world (for us to realize it), but they were seen just like the common people who watch or tune in on the show everyday: hardworking people, teens, and even those who hate King himself. I’m just not so sure.
But sure do, it inspires people. But that’s all but crap right now. In my previous posts, I surely did want to come across the idea that the likes of O’Reilly and the rest of the FOX News anchors and self-proclaimed journalists, in retrospect, lacks that sentimental embrace for fair media. I don’t think these guys even value what Cronkite worked hard for. Even King himself is losing some mojo here. I notice, in several of his shows, the questions he asks, if not most, are awfully and oafishly simplistic. Seriously, it seems that his questions don’t want to be answered with value. Even his comments are quite platitudinous. I mean, come one, Larry King Live is too much a syndication to fall from grace and drop so ruthlessly in shame, especially when I feel disgusted about it. I don’t mean to put some loathe over the craft of King. I don’t. It just that what makes the show so syndicated in the first place is not there! Again, the mojo is losing! And King getting too old (maybe this could explain some numerous fill-ins for the show, including Seacrest and Probst, and by all people, why Behar?). Really, I would admit the show itself becomes more and more parochial, more so banal. There is much absence of adulation or something for the show to be considered “syndicated”. The reason why King became so famous (and so the show) is that the show wants to invoke that kind of journalistic craft that explores personality, events, trends and the like and the people especially that move behind them to be revealed and be known under the light of truth. It may sound dramatic but, really, we know people more than what they are known for – they as themselves people.
Or even talk about our dearly loved talk shows. They too are syndicated. Two things: it’s either they make the best out of ordinary (or even famous) people or they make fun of them. And we know on the top of our head who these people are.
Now we go to what we might call the power of non-journalistic craft. What comes to my mind, not the likes of Chelsea Handler who appears to be too perverted for a talk show or The Dish or The Soup (although I do like these shows)’s the always fun (and critical) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. I know what comes into the minds of some when they hear these people. Two words: FAKE NEWS! The Colbert Report is a parody of.....well......The O’Reilly Factor. The Daily Show is...well...a unique show of its own. But let’s look at how these two FAKE NEWS SHOWS became so influential that America in fact chose Stewart among others the most influential person in the country.
The story goes when these two shows became the voice of the enemies of the FOX News gang. The sanctimony of Conservatism and Republicanism (and unbalanced and unfair news at that) in the channel has scoured so much in our TV sets for their propaganda. Exactly no fair journalism there. But people expected that the other half of the political divide (that, I will passionately stress, has compromised the fundaments of journalism), CNN, would counteract the shoot-and-kills or FOX. Well, CNN never did engage in the war so openly but in the least subtle way. But this one ‘expected role’ the media company tried not to do (I’m relieved then) was taken over by these two brilliant guys. When Colbert went to O’Reilly’s show, O’Reilly asked Colbert if he’s imitating him. Colbert responded so brilliantly, saying that Bill might be mistaking the terms “imitation” and “emulation”, which the latter Colbert chose of what he’s doing in his own show. Yet, over the years, these two guys keeps on becoming (not only Emmy-award winning) visionaries of politics. If the other half has Beck as their visionary, the other got these two guys. But all came so clear that the power of FAKE NEWS become so immense that the craft of these two is not just being fake, but also being the REAL THING. And here’s the catch: President Obama is the first sitting president to be interviewed in a FAKE NEWS SHOW! Yeah, you’re reading this right! You might ask, who does this? A FAKE NEWS, as a guest, a president? Really? Another thing, Colbert and Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear makes things clearer: the power of fake news goes unstoppable!

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